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Bacterial Breeding Ground

Our phones may look clean but they can house over 25,000 bacteria per square inch! That is 10x more than an average toilet seat.

We practice safe hand-washing, but we rarely think of what stays on our phones! From petting our furry little friends to holding public transit railings, thousands of bacteria can call our devices home.

Clean & Disinfect

Not only does SprayBuddy remove stubborn stains like fingerprints and oils from our devices, it also sanitizes and kills harmful bacteria and viruses!


Why Choose SprayBuddy?

Because your premium device is worth it! SprayBuddy brings back the shiny new, factory-fresh look easily and effortlessly.

Save Money and Space!

SprayBuddy is reusable, so you can simply refill the cleaning liquid instead of constantly buying low quality single-use cleaning wipes. 

How it Works

Step 1: Spray

Step 2: Swipe


Why not use Wipes?

Cleaning wipes leave behind excessive residue when applied and a cloudy haze when dried.

SprayBuddy only requires one spray and wipe to reveal a perfect clean!


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