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Type ZS0021 Alarm Clock


Name: Curved Screen LED Digital Clock

Material: ABS

Size: 17x8x3cm(6.7x3.1x1.2in)

Power Source: DC 5V 1A External Network


Year Range: 2000-2099 Year

Temperature Range: -10°C-50°C/14°F-122°F

Night Time Range: 18:00 to 06:00(Fixed)

Alarm: 1 Group

Ringing Volume: Fixed and Loud

Ringing Time: Up to 1 Minute

Duplicate Alarm Mode: Mon to Fri, Mon to Sat and Mon to Sun(Option)

Snooze Time Range: 0-60 Minutes(Adjustable)

Brightness: 3 Levels(Option)

Package List: Clock 1pc, 1m USB 1pc, Instruction Manual 1pc


1. Display Time

Display time via 12 or 24 HR format.

2. Display Date:

Display date via MM-DD format, and no year display.

3. Display Temperature

Display temperature via celsius/fahrenheit, tells you what you need to dress.

4. Night Mode

LED lights automatically dim from 18:00 to 06:00, without disturbing sleep and convenient to check the time at night.

5. Alarm Function

The classic ringtone from slow to fast reminds one minute, no operation or press other keys except SNZ/NIGHT to turn off the alarm.

6. Snooze Function

Ring again after snooze interval, interval time can adjust within 0- 60 minutes(0 means turn off the snooze function), give you a comfortable buffer time.

7. Duplicate Alarm Mode

Set 1 group alarm, three duplicate modes to choose(Mon to Fri, Mon to Sat and Mon to Sun), saving setting time.

8. Adjustable Brightness

Press UP key to let the scree into dim or bright, long press SNZ/Night key at time display mode to turn off the screen.

9. Memory Function

When putting 3*AAA batteries, the clock can memory your settings, avoid resetting the clock after power failure.


1. Removable Base

Two installation methods, forward or backward, whatever you want.

2. Protective Film

Avoid scratching the screen during transportation, and gently tear it apart before use.

3. Mirror Screen

It can radiate things around and add a sense of space.

4. Curve Screen

The curved screen can give you a vertical and isometric visual experience, you can clearly see the time from multiple angles.

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