Doormat Nordic Fluffy Rug

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40x60cm /15.7x23.6 inches
50x80cm /19.6x31.4 inches
80x120cm / 31.4x47.2 inches
80x160cm /31.4x62.9 inches
80x200cm /31.4x78.7 inches
100x160cm /39.3x62.9 inches
100x200cm /39.3x78.7 inches
120x160cm /47.2x62.9 inches
120x200cm /47.2x78.7 inches
140x200cm /55.1x78.7 inches
160x200cm /62.9x78.7 inches
160x230cm/62.9x90.5 inches

This is a soft Long hair Shaggy carpet, which is woven with high-quality polyester, is soft and skin-friendly, has a comfortable foot feel, t the colors are bright and bright, and the design is simple and fashionable. It is an indispensable element of your home decoration design.


Material: 100% polyester fiber

Bottom: point plastic non-slip bottom

Hair length: about 4.5cm

Applicable scene: living room carpet/bedroom carpet/door mat/balcony

Cleaning method: wash with cold water, hand wash/vacuum clean, wring dry after washing, dry with a hair dryer after natural drying to make the carpet fluffy.

Packing method: Folding packing

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